Hearing and Language Lab

at Northwestern University

Principal Investigator

Tina Grieco-Calub, Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Ph.D., 2005, Northwestern University

M.S., 1997, Vanderbilt University

B.S., 1995, Marywood College


Tina has developed a research program that is designed to study how experience with sound shapes auditory, language, and cognitive skills in individuals with or without hearing loss. She is especially interested in how early experience with sound influences development. These interests stem from her background in clinical audiology, her Ph.D. in neuroscience, and her postdoctoral training in hearing science and language development. She participates in both the Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) and Ph.D. programs at Northwestern, and enjoys having enthusiastic undergraduate students working in the lab.

Email:  tinagc@northwestern.edu   |   Office:  Frances Searle Building 2-246   |    Phone:  847-491-3175

Postdoctoral Fellow

Meital Avivi-Reich, Lambert Translational Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D., 2015, University of Toronto, Psychology

M.A., 2008, Tel-Aviv University, Communication Disorders

B.A., 2006, Tel-Aviv University, Communication Disorders


Meital is a registered speech language pathologist and a clinical audiologist in Israel. In her graduate research, she investigated the interaction between the different processes involved in speech comprehension, and the effect of age and linguistic status on the way in which comprehension is achieved. She later examined speech recognition and comprehension online using eye-movements. Meital is now studying how children learn new words in everyday acoustic settings in the presence of background noise and other competing talkers.

Doctoral Students

Kristi Ward, Ph.D./Au.D. Student

B.S., 2013, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Communication Sciences and Disorders


Kristi is interested in understanding how people listen and learn in acoustically complex real-world environments, such as a classroom. Specifically, her research aims to uncover how various individual factors, such as age, cognition, and hearing ability, influence speech recognition and cognitive processing when the auditory input is degraded. Kristi is simultaneously pursuing her Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) degree at Northwestern with the ultimate goal of conducting research that is directly applicable to clinical populations, including children and adults with hearing loss.

Katherine Simeon, Ph.D. Student

B.A., 2013, Johns Hopkins University, Cognitive Science


With a background in linguistics, Katherine is primarily interested in language development and usage. In her research, she investigates what strategies listeners use in speech comprehension and how these behaviors change in difficult listening environments. Ultimately, she aims to understand how different auditory environments and experiences can affect language learning in clinical populations, especially individuals with hearing loss, and how this can inform education and intervention.

Doctor of Audiology Students

Addison Boardman, Au.D. Student


B.A., 2017, Butler University


Addison's clinical interests include audiological diagnostic testing, cochlear implants, and aural rehabilitation in the pediatric population. Her capstone research focuses on how background noise and reverberation affect cognitive processing in children and adults.

Caylin McCallick, Au.D. Student


B.A., 2017, Saint Mary's College


Caylin's clinical interests include the effects traumatic brain injury on the auditory system, hearing conservation, and the advancement of hearing aid and cochlear implant technology. Her capstone research focuses on spoken language processing in children.

Sonia Michniewicz, Au.D. Student


B.S., 2016, University of Toronto


Sonia's clinical interests include pediatric and adult diagnostic testing, vestibular testing, auditory processing disorders, and aural rehabilitation. Her capstone research focuses on how noise affects word learning in children.

Research Assistants

Bridget Slone


Leah Hazen

Class of 2019

Tyus Loman

Class of 2019

Hannah Yi

Class of 2020

Olivia Zimmerman

Class of 2021

Sarita Jarrett

Class of 2021

Sophia Liu

Class of 2021


Hearing and Language Lab

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