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Summer 2018

Welcome New Summer Personnel!

The HLL is expanding rapidly! A huge welcome to Maryam, Alix, EmilyAnn, Tyus, Sophia, and Sarita, who will be joining us this summer! Maryam graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Master’s in Physics with a focus in Acoustics. Alix, a rising senior at University of Illinois, is majoring in Speech Pathology with a minor in Communications. EmilyAnn, also a rising senior at University of Illinois, is majoring in Speech and Hearing Sciences with a concentration in Audiology. Tyus, a rising senior at Northwestern majoring in Neuroscience,  was awarded a grant from the Undergraduate Research Assistant Program (URAP) to join us this summer! Sophia is a rising sophomore also majoring in Neuroscience at Northwestern, and Sarita, a member of the NU Bioscientist Program, is a rising sophomore English major at Northwestern

We are excited to have all of you in lab this summer!

Spring 2018

Congratulations to Christine on Her Thesis Presentation and Graduation!

One of our research assistants, Christine Schlaug, completed her honors thesis in the department of Linguistics! Her research project focused on children’s learning of novel nouns and verbs, as well as how different acoustic backgrounds (i.e. noisy or quiet) can have an affect on this word learning. She presented her findings at the Undergraduate Research Expo at Northwestern University. After completing her thesis, Christine graduated from Northwestern and is planning on pursuing her Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology at Northeastern University in the fall.


Congratulations Christine, and good luck in graduate school!

HLL Attends First Annual KidFest!

The HLL joined the Chicago Hearing Society as they hosted the inaugural KidFest! Food and fun were plentiful as English and Spanish-speaking families with hearing loss were invited to learn more about resources offered in the Chicago area. We look forward to continuing to raise awareness in the community about the available services for those with hearing loss!

Winter 2018

Katherine's Research Gets Published!

We offer a huge congratulations to our Ph.D. student, Katherine Simeon, on publishing her paper, “Belief Shift or Only Facilitation: How Semantic Expectancy Affects Processing of Speech Degraded by Background Noise”, in Frontiers in Psychology-Language Sciences! This study tested how adults use semantic expectancy, or the application of conceptual or linguistic knowledge to speech input, in quiet and in noisy backgrounds. She found that semantic expectancy shifts belief towards likely words (i.e., words that make sense in the context of the sentence), and away from unlikely words (i.e., words that don’t make sense in the sentence).


We are excited that Katherine's hard work is being recognized through this publication. Great job, Katherine!

HLL Welcomes Bridget!

This February, Bridget Slone joined our lab as a new research assistant! Bridget graduated from the College of Wooster in 2017 with degrees in Music and Communication Sciences and Disorders. She will be helping out with our new grant project, investigating how children with hearing loss learn language, and how they integrate information that they hear and see. We are so excited that you are joining us!

Fall 2017

The 2nd Annual HLL Fall Kickball Game!

The HLL held its 2nd Annual Fall Kickball Game in October! We had perfect weather and enjoyed having fun with each other outside of the lab! We are looking forward to continuing this tradition again next year with all members, family, friends, and alumni of the lab. Go team!

Summer 2017

HLL Received Funding for an Exciting New Research Project!

The principal investigator of our lab, Dr. Tina Grieco-Calub,  received funding from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) for a new research study investigating how children with hearing loss listen and learn in their everyday environments. We are excited to begin this project!

Congratulations to Leah on her URAP!

One of our research assistants, Leah Hazen, a rising junior at Northwestern University, was recently awarded a grant from the Undergraduate Research Assistant Program (URAP). This program aims to help  undergraduates obtain research experience by providing them with funding to serve as a research assistant and help with ongoing research projects.  Way to go, Leah!

Au.D. Students Present Capstone Research!
The Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) students who have been working on their capstones in our lab over the past year recently presented their research at the departmental Au.D. Research Symposium!  Clare (left) shared her findings regarding children's ability to learn new words in noise while Jackie (right) presented her data on adults' ability to allocate attention to speech when listening in complex  acoustic environments. Best of luck on your externships, Clare and Jackie!

Spring 2017

Welcome Carmela and Daniella!

This summer, we have two new undergraduate Research Assistants helping out in the lab! Carmela (left) is a rising senior at Saint Mary's College and Daniella (right) is a rising senior at the University of Maryland.  Both Carmela and Daniella are majoring in Speech and Hearing Sciences.


We are excited to have you in the lab this summer!

Our Spring Picnic was Fun for All!

We held our Annual Spring Picnic at the beginning of June. This event celebrates all of the time and effort our researchers and research assistants have contributed to the lab during the academic year.  We took a break from working to enjoy the beautiful weather, delicious food, and one another's company!


We hope everyone has a great summer!

Congratulations to our Graduates!

In June, we had five students from the lab graduate from Northwestern University! Mercilyn Mbuguah and Gabrielle Carsello (left) graduated with their undergraduate degrees. Mary Catherine Faller, Vienet Romero, and Valerie Tisceraño graduated with their Doctorates in Audiology (Au.D.).


Congratulations to you all! We look forward to hearing about your future accomplishments!

Winter 2017

Mary Catherine Presents at ILAA!

Mary Catherine Faller (left) recently presented the findings from her capstone research at the Illinois Academy of Audiology Conference in Chicago, IL! Her talk was entitled "Verbal Response Time as a Measure of Listening Effort in School-Aged Children" and described how background noise affects speech perception and listening effort in younger and older children. Great job, Mary Catherine!

Fall 2016

Our Fall Kickball Game was a Huge Success!

The HLL held its 1st Annual Fall Kickball Game in October! This event was a great chance to continue the fun outside of the lab while enjoying the beautiful fall weather! We are looking forward to continuing this tradition next year with all members, family, friends, and alumni of the lab!

We've Been Busy Presenting Our Research at Conferences!

Tina Grieco-Calub (right) recently presented a poster regarding the acoustics of Chicagoland preschool classrooms at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention in Philadelphia, PA. One of our Ph.D. students, Katherine Simeon, also recently presented a talk about the role of semantic expectancy in recognizing speech in background noise at the Linguistic Society of America Conference in Austin, TX.

Way to go Tina and Katherine!

Spring 2016

Kelli and Nikki Graduate with their Doctorates in Audiology (Au.D.)!

Kelli Freeman (left) and Nikki Pain (right) recently graduated from Northwestern University with their Doctorates in Audiology (Au.D.)! Both Kelli and Nikki completed their capstone in the HLL: Kelli explored early non-verbal behaviors in children with hearing loss while Nikki studied how  children's language is influenced by their acoustic environment. Kelli is now working as an audiologist in Dallas, TX while Nikki is working as a pediatric audiologist at Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago. Best wishes Kelli and Nikki!

Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

Congratulations to our graduating class:  Julia Curato, Sarah Schwartz, and Priyanka Thakrar! Julia will be staying at Northwestern to pursue a clinical doctorate in Audiology. Sarah will be attending the University of Washington in Seattle to get a master's in Speech-Language Pathology. Priyanka will be starting a job at Goldman Sachs in New York City. Congratulations and best wishes to our seniors!

Au.D. Students Present Capstone Research!

The Doctor of Audiology (Au.D.) students who have been working on their capstones in our lab over the past year recently presented their research at the departmental Au.D. Research Symposium! Mary Catherine (top) shared her findings regarding listening effort in school-age children perceiving speech in background noise while Valerie (bottom) explained how slowing down a degraded auditory signal influences speech segmentation in adults. Vienet (not pictured) was unable to attend the symposium, but presented her data about early nonverbal communication in children with hearing loss to the lab! We are proud of all of your hard work!

Tiffany Presents URG Research!

One of our undergraduate students, Tiffany Fang (right), recently presented her findings from a research study she completed in our lab looking at how background noise influences word learning in young children at the Undergraduate Research Expo. Tiffany received an Undergraduate Research Grant (URG) to complete this study in our lab.
Way to go Tiffany!



Katherine Simeon awarded Cognitive Science Fellowship

Doctoral student Katherine Simeon (left) has been awarded an Advanced Cognitive Science Fellowship. This fellowship is intended to foster interdisciplinary research in Cognitive Science, and is quite competitive.  Congratulations Katherine!


Winter 2016

Kristi Ward receives the The Graduate School's Service Award

One of our doctoral students, Kristi Ward, has been awarded the The Graduate School's award for Service. This prestigious award goes to a graduate student who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to be of assistance to The Graduate School and its constituents. Kristi (left) and Tina Grieco-Calub (right) attended the The Graduate School's Annual Award Ceremony in March. Congratulations Kristi!


Undergraduates awarded Undergraduate Research Assistant Program Grants

Two of our research assistants, Gabrielle Carsello and Kayla Kelch, were awarded grants through the Undergraduate Research Assistant Program (URAP). The URAP program provides funding to undergraduates who have an interest in research on campus. Congratulations!

Spring 2015

Congratulations to the Class of 2015!

Congratulations to our seniors Maya Collins (third from left) and Mary Scheibel (second from left) for presenting their senior honors theses in May. Maya is headed to Washington University in St. Louis for Post-Baccalaureate studies. Mary will be headed to the University of Iowa to get her master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology. Best wishes Maya and Mary!


Kristi Presents at the Acoustical Society of America

Doctoral student Kristi Ward went to the Acoustical Society of America conference in Pittsburgh in April. She presented her talk called "Verbal response time in children systematically varies with the spectral resolution of speech" based on data she has collected this past year.


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